Our Mission

The future belongs to those who believe… and automate. Our mission is to enable enterprises, big or small, to scale and grow their operations by harnessing the power of automation and analytics. We also believe that technology should be easy to use, affordable and powerful enough to make a huge impact on the bottom line of companies.

Our Story

In November 2012, a diverse group of individuals from varying backgrounds got together for one single purpose: To deliver enterprise-grade, cognitive-powered automation solutions that can help organisations grow and scale their operations. Led by Kris Subramanian, Payeli Ghosh, Rajmohan Harindranath, Sudhir Sen, Subin Perumbidy, Shreyas Chandrahasan and Sekhar Prakash—Option3 is an automation and data analytics company that strives to create intelligent automation through concrete R&D. Though we are from diverse backgrounds such as retail banking, supply chain management, engineering R&D and data analytics, we leveraged our expertise towards changing the attitude towards automation—Make businesses see that it is not a tactical solution, but a strategic necessity—and this is the next frontier in technology. The one thing that connects us all is our passion for technology, the inspiration to do things smartly and building solutions for a better tomorrow. We are at the cusp of making the next big technology leap and we strive to make a difference by continuously innovating and improving our offerings.

Our Team

Become a Partner

We know that the journey towards achieving automation excellence has to be a collaborative one. Hence, our customer acquisition strategies are through strategic alliances and partnerships with niche and global consultants and service integrators. We have also onboarded channel partners and consultants with a focus on North America, Europe, Middle East and APAC. Our expertise in intelligent automation provides significant business opportunity for Option3 Partners. We are constantly striving to improve our cognitive capabilities and looking to partner to make it even better. We are looking for like-minded organisations to collaborate with us as we continue to raise the bar for digital transformations. Our mission is to make automation smarter, add more value to the customer, enhance the customer experience and scale automation to never before seen heights. We are looking for innovation partners, service partners and sales partners.

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