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The Cards & Payments landscape is going through a major digital revamp with the increasing number of digital channels, including mobile devices, wallets and internet banking, integrating with robust back- end transaction processing applications.

Test Automation in Cards & Payments requires a multidimensional approach – A combination of functional understanding, regulatory compliance, and ability to manage a complex technology landscape with speed.

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Typical Challenges in Cards & Payments Test Automation

  • Huge Framework Build Effort

    Huge effort for the integrated framework creation across technologies including Web, Desktop, Soap, REST, API, Mainframe, PL/SQL etc.

  • Data Creation, Simulation & Virtualization

    Ability to create data, simulate transactions, virtualize services etc are difficult to achieve. This means that functional testers or business users end up spending a lot of time and effort validating the transaction lifecycle in a manual way.

  • Limitations in validating Real time and Batch outputs

    Dependency on multiple batches to complete the execution of end to end test scenarios

  • Lack of proper test validations especially financial calculations

    Complex calculators are typically avoided and simple status check done reducing the automation effectiveness

  • High Maintenance Effort

    Maintenance of framework and test cases for application changes in terms of UI, templates, etc as part of releases, regulatory changes and upgrades

Why JiffyTest Automation Suite for Cards & Payments?

Jiffy Test Automation Suite for Cards & Payments helps customers achieve 70-80% automation of the end-to-end transaction lifecycle as against 30-40% achieved by generic automation frameworks.

  • Jiffy has pre-configured components for Cards & Payments

  • Components to automate Applications like First Data VisionPLUS, TSYS Prime, ACI Postilion etc.

  • File Validation Nodes for interface file validations

  • EOD Batch processing nodes

  • DB Nodes including PL/SQL Procedure nodes

  • Calculator nodes to perform complex financial calculations

  • UI Nodes to automate Web, desktop, Mainframes or AS/400 applications

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