Automate everything

Drag and Drop and automate anything that can be done with a computer

With simple drag and drop, automate any manual activity carried out across desktop applications, web applications or mainframes. The process is further simplified with nodes that can ease interactions wtih excel, email, REST, web services etc.

JIFFY can not only carryout an exact automation like any other RPA software, i.e. securely log into the application and execute actions on the application in the same way that an user would, you can also integrate directly with backend services exposed by applications where possible. This reduces the number of automation steps, is less error prone and is much easier to maintain.


Reporting Automation

Read data from concentional data sources like Databases, csv files, excel etc or read from unconvential data sources like scraping web portals, desktop application or reading log files.

Automate the existing excel activities to generate report or re-create them in our end to end platforms. Ease your reporting automation with

  • Self service reporting capability to reduce the overall reporting inventory.
  • Complete data mashup capability and read any data source
  • Built-in machine learning algorithms to improve customer experience
  • Complete visibility into the current and automated reports usage to assess the next set of reports for automation or decommissioning.
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Jiffy Data Interface

Consolidate all the various excel templates or adhoc formats in which you receive inputs from users.

Quickly design online HTML5 pages to capture all information from users at one channel. Incorporate validations based on millions of records like validating an active cost centre or validating a customer id and prevent data rejections in downstream application automations. Develop approval flows and improve the first time pass.


Cognitive Robots

Robots which can act like a human when presented with situations which it was not build for.

Consider automation for scenarios where there are a large number of rules or rules that keeps changing. These are scenarios where you can use our cognitive robots, Consider a very simple case where the requester provided country as Great Britain instead of UK or provided a postcode with country prefix etc.

As a user, your cognitive capabilities enable to extract relevant information, and this is what a simple cognitive robot enables. Bring the cognitive capability of a human into a automation robot.


Easy Maintenance

Manage changes to multiple tasks with single click updates

Keep your script, your data and environments details completely separate so that a change in one does not require you to rewrite any of the automation scripts. This enables you to run the same script across multiple environments or desktops using different credentials without any changes to automation steps.

Achieve extreme re-usability using our componentisation. Create your own re-usable components and share it across the organisation reducing the time to automate further and also standardizing any common procedures.

you have a complete audit trail of all changes that automation steps have undergone enabling a roll back at any point of time. Even all of the executions and results are all captured.

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Execution Without Desktop Installation

You need not install Jiffy on your desktop for all automations

Do not have Jiffy on desktop. Well, in most cases you do not need jiffy on desktop to design or execute tasks. Infact, you can execute an automated task even if you do not have the relevant application on your machine.


Simple Infrastructure

No need of a bot farm or complex infrastructure

Automation should not require any sophisticated server setup. Our container mechanism enables you to run 100s of bots on a single server. You do not even need a bot farm or a significant infrastructure for automation.


Mobile ready

Run and execute the tasks from mobile

Do not wait to reach office to start executing your tasks. Trigger the bots while you are travelling. Validate the results of tasks and re-execute tasks from your mobile.


Schedule and execute tasks

Run overnight tasks

Need to run tasks overnight or at specific periods. Just schedule it using the Jiffy scheduler. Let the bots execute the tasks while you are engaged in other activities. Jiffy will alert you if any intervention is required.


360 Degree view of work force

Understand which process to automate to drive benefits

Get detailed work trend data. Get actual work data automatically, not the estimates from timesheets. Understand the team habits and the critical path to improve utilisation and efficiency. The ACT module provides detailed visibility into the tasks executed by the team enabling you to focus on the most profitable automation targets.

With minimal extensions, this module also provides you the capability to measure through put across teams and resources

Integrate other HR details and get advanced work force analytics. Identify your high risk resources, work patterns, engagement levels and use this information to improve productivity and mitigate risk.


Self service capability

Decommission redundant processes with self service capability

Many of the automated reports can be avoided if a capability to provide self service is provided to the users. The users instead of receiving a number of reports can directly query Docube for the relevant data whenever they need.

Further more, any clarifications and further analysis on the reports delivered could be carried out by the users themselves through self service capability provided by the product.


Complete security control

Who can automate, modify bots, execute and against which environments.

Control who can execute the tasks and who can build them.

Not just that ensure that the automated task are carried out based on the access level of the executioner.


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