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Deep Field Learning

JiffyRPA’s UI object identification is one of the robust in the market. With a Deep Field Understanding of UI elements across technologies like web, desktop, mainframe, Citrix, JAVA, SAP, Oracle, PuTTY, etc., a number of object properties are automatically captured by the Jiffy’s UI Learn application.

  • Achieve robust UI Automation without worrying about page changes
  • Zero or minimal impact due to package application upgrades
  • Built-in repository with versioning for maximum re-use
  • One-click maintenance across scripts for any UI changes


Big Data AI Ready

JiffyRPA’s cognitive platform provides bot designers a code-less approach to data ingestion, model training, model build and model improvement – in the true auto ML mode. Leverage JiffyRPA’s cognitive features to:

  • Select and apply any pre-built, or custom ML models’
  • Ingest training data across diverse systems with built-in connectors
  • Perform code-less data cleansing
  • Auto-tag large volumes of training data with minimal effort
  • Continuously improve performance by automated feedback loop

Intelligent Document Processing

Leverage JiffyRPA’s advanced, self-learning Document Processing engine to automatically understand document templates reducing the manual effort to tag new documents.

  • Leverage the inbuilt tag repository for faster document processing
  • Use a combination of tag-based and ML-based document processing to achieve 80 to 90% straight through processing
  • Process complex documents including line item level details with a few clicks
  • Integrated with Jiffy Data Interface for document validation and approval
  • Ability to integrate with any third-party OCR engine

Intelligent Orchestration

With a robust server-based architecture, the orchestration is inbuilt in Jiffy and not an afterthought. Achieve maximum utilization of your bots with:

  • Intelligent orchestration engine that can schedule multiple tasks on the same bot
  • Automate across technologies, be it UI, API, REST, Queue or any other integration components.
  • Dynamically scale your production servers horizontally to process huge volume with no performance impact.


Jiffy Data Interface

One of its kind – JDI enables business users and support teams to easily manage and control bot activities.

  • Enable instant audit, tracking and visibility to the business process steps executed by the bot.
  • Provide manual intervention flows such as approvals, reviews, data input or validations.
  • Custom viewport into process data including custom filters, quick navigation.
  • Say NO to attended bots and provide data input without the need for a target application.

Built-in Security Vault

Leverage JiffyRPA’s best in class, an inbuilt, secure vault for your RPA implementation.

  • No sharing of passwords with bot designers. Secure them centrally in Jiffy’s inbuilt secure vault.
  • Role-based access and restrictions at task level.
  • Manage not just credentials, but any secure data.
  • Complete audit control of which secure data was used by what bot and when.



JiffyRPA - Modules

What do you get out of JiffyRPA?

  • Jiffy Core

    Intuitive, drag and drop based designer studio, built on a server based stack. Integrated with other Jiffy modules in a seamless manner.

  • Jiffy Data Interface (JDI)

    A portal interface to enable business users to interact and provide inputs to robots. Also, used to capture unstructured data from various channels like emails, work flows etc for robotic actions.

  • Jiffy Cognitive Engine

    The Jiffy Cognitive Data layer enables cognitive RPA with its built-in peta-byte Scale storage, Data Lake, and Advanced ML algorithms.

  • Jiffy Admin Module (JAM)

    The Jiffy Admin module to perform admin activities like Deployments, Jiffy management (start/stop), Bot Management, View Server Details, View Logs etc.

  • Jiffy Advanced Analytics

    The advanced analytics module provides both the bot implementation teams and business teams real-time analytics across various data sets with true self service capabilities.


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